Benazir Braae Artist

About the art


Benazir is a hunter. In the context of life, she surveys and she goes on to the last. This international painter is successful, alive and expressive, perhaps because growth is her very nature. She has an impressive imagination, gifted with a wild fantasy and possession of a juicy talent for mixing colours - which is shown in her present collection. Her paintings have a language of their own.


In a blast of colours, hidden messages and dynamic expressions, this contemporary painter presents a dimension of another world that is beyond description. The works are both humble and majestic at the same time - a graceful mix of floating creativity, infinite ideas and expressions that would redefine our perception. Her art reveals total sense. . . . . or no sense at all.


She loves butterflies and crosses the borders of countries like a bird. She flows like a stream and carves her graphical message through her paintings and collage. God made her funky and universal.


About the artist


She grew up amongst meditation, creativity and artistic discipline within a family of painters one of whom was her father.

From the age of 13 she worked as an actress in theatre, film and tv.


She is now pursuing the family artistic calling, doing a number of solo art exhibitions showing her 'Zorba The Buddha' collection in galleries in Europe, India and Mexico.


In 2006 she fell in love with India and India fell in love with her.

Living in India inspired her to work in Public Relations and Charities.

Benazir has held Charity exhibitions in India and Denmark. She auctioned part of her collection and donated the proceeds, benefitting Indian women and children in need.


Benazir has had a number of solo exhibitions at venues including State Gallery of Fine Arts, India and The Royal Theatre's Playhouse, Denmark.


After renovating her 1500 sq ft loft apartment into an art studio in Copenhagen, Denmark she is now setting up a base in Dubai.


At the moment she is happily combining her work as an international artist along with enjoying life to the fullest.