Benazir Braae Reviews
Pratap Gaikwad, Freelancer:
Extraordinary !!!!!!!,Mindblowing!!!!! Heartbreaking!!!!!! piece of comtemporary art creation by this scandinavian actress turned artist from Denmark. Her pieces of pop art also has a touch of Hindu Gods & Goddesses.

2006, India.

It was a great experience for me when for first time I saw works of Benazir at The State Gallery of Fine Arts, in Hyderabad.
Viewer will find her innocentness in her works because she paints whatever she feels ,her works reflects her thoughts and dreams. She reminds me of the great Argentina painter Frida Kahlo.
Benazir's subjects are always different ,and you can not categorise in any particular style,you will find Abstract,Figurative and Subjective works done in same Period.
Benazir don't hesitate to use bright colours in her work, you will find pink,blue red and such prominent colours used in her works innocently.
She always try to use different techniques to express her visions like collage,sand,and heavy loading of colours, aswell in some works she use the Indian mythology and calligraphy text.

7-5-2007, INDIA

Sohan, American/International Poet-Philosophe:
She slices the hot knife of aliveness
Through the skin of life
Through the skin of the apple
Pierces the forbidden fruit of knowledge and passion

The canvas drips with sex and experience
Hidden power and wisdom
revealed in the new millenium
All the prophetic visions cascading into one space, one time...

Let yourself explode with its's cryptic message
Its haunting allure...
Let your soul soar...
Hitch a ride to the sky
on the Jet wings
of this new child
of the apocalyptic Dawn...

Artist, Poet, Visionary....Benazir Braae

Ali Asghar Mollazehi, A Painter and Researcher from Iran, Philosopher of Art:
Benazir is living and painting in Pune, India. She is one of those artists who´s exhibitions of paintings have attracted many people in this country and abroad. I, myself, have been affected splendidly by the art of her paintings. These paintings have been shaped by means of motivation and inspiration.
The magnificent process of painting is moving continuously from the scope of imagination towards artistic creativity and the painter. Benazir she is like a hunter, she is hunting the artistic moments of life for art means creation of beauty and the artist, she tries to express and represent beautiful moments. Benazir has traveled a long distance for observation of the world and she is expressing her discoveries. She looks at her surroundings and fully exploits the human and the objects around herself and then reviews them in the reflection of the Universe.
In the context of life, she surveys and she goes on to the last. She also takes use of the time in the scope of life and applies that as a means of expressing her emotional concepts. Time has a memorial manifestation for the contemporary painter Benazir which guides her to some unconscious views and makes her perform some new creativities. As she says, “beauty has a distinct meaning for everyone and for me all the objects and tools around us are magically beautiful and we can utilize them as long as deep and emotional connection is concerned”.
According to Henry Matisse, “what I’m looking for is mostly expression. I can’t distinguish between the feeling that I have about life and the way that I express it”.
The Artist is successful for she gains an adjusted imagination which is obtained from the present collection of works and is able to convey the emotional concept to the observer of the work of art. About the style of her works, she says, “I have used the universal style in any paintings for in my opinion first we should know the world then tell a poem. In the painting also first we should know the form and then move towards the hidden content.
Besides that, I think art should express the real tangible world sincerely and the reality is obtained only through direct observation.
For creation of a work of art, Benazir has used her knowledge as well as her abilities in action.
I tried hardly to speak about Benazir’s paintings. However, speaking or writing about painting is an honorable task. Painting has a language of its own, which can not to be translated like words.
She loves butterflies and crosses the borders of countries like a fish; She flows like a stream and carves her graphical message through painting and collage on the canvas.

May, 2007